Vidal Sassoon’s West London Home

The late Vidal Sassoon left behind a legacy, one which includes his impeccable taste of chic, modern design. His three-bedroom London home represents this notion well with a subdued palette of textures and designs which beg for further introspection. And we’re happy to give it.

Walls resonate boldly in white while floors are demure in dark, glossy wood, setting a visionary backdrop for the distinctive white, gold and black designer furnishings. What seems like a collaborative effect, these pieces include art, objets d’art and sometimes outlandishly decadent accents pieces that are just as fabulous individually as they are collectively.

The rich yellow living room sofas mirror each other exquisitely and appear as sculptural tiers of buttery soft leather. Floating within the space, this seating arrangement is flanked by an impressive white fireplace presided over by a minimalist work of art. Opposite, a modular white leather sofa anchors the elegant space, while a soft fur-blanketed wheel sits waiting to be enjoyed. Love the fact this piece becomes a chameleon–sculpture or chair, chair or sculpture. A copper metal sheet embedded with random “bullet hole” piercings reflects light gorgeously from the adjacent line of floor-to-ceiling windows.

On the other side of the partition is the dining room, which actually owns its own fireplace as well, this time in black to coordinate with the dramatic dining table and chairs. A whimsical cubed fixture graces this space–a superb tie-in to the black-and-white motif.

The kitchen is a bright room surrounded by bays of windows viewing the yard’s greenery. White Carrara marble wraps the counters, while the same luxe material makes up the table, which is embraced by gleaming white mid-century modern chairs. This is a space that could be particularly be defined as a breakfast room as it fits the fresh feel perfectly.

A cozy terrace yields elegant black, white and grey lounging chairs and is delightfully set amongst the outdoor gardens.

Bedrooms are contemporary, again following suit of the black-and-white color base, while richly textured bed throws and linens entice. One bedroom clad in white, features a futuristic desk with retro flair, while a molded lamp in the shape of cloud rests upon it.

Vidal Sassoon’s London apartment is a modern dream home, exuding well-appointed, minimalist design which has already made an impact in style history. (via Telegraph)

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