Liberty’s Spring Summer Home Department

The first time that I heard about Liberty  London was when they collaborated with Target in 2010. I’m not a big fan of floral pattern usually but I must say that it was impressive and I even found myself buying some of their tea cups. Since I moved to London I’ve been to Liberty few times, I love the old building with the tudor style facade and the fresh flowers in the main entrance and the special wood work inside.

Liberty who are world renowned for both their fabrics and their truly iconic Tudor department store on Regent Street in London invited ChicTip to view their new spring summer home department . The home department is on the 4th floor of the store where you can look down the floors and get inspired from the combination of the old and the new working so well together. The design of the entire floor looks like it was a broadway show stage with different sections of textiles, modern furniture, carpets and rugs and an oasis of outdoor living that I liked most.



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