Achieving the Best Flooring Style for Every Room

Many homeowners place authenticity as their top criterion when looking for hardwood flooring. Apparently, just the aesthetic appearance and style is not enough. Of course, it is still important that we look at quality, durability and value to complete the list but we do want more substance in our flooring. Hardwood is something that we all value because it reveals our style, taste and what’s important for us. If this is something that concerns you the most, you could check out Ambience Wooden Flooring for wider range of choices and I’m sure you’ll get instant gratification from doing so.

What are your choices when it comes to hardwood flooring? The following are some ideas –

Handscrape Hardwood Flooring

Handscrape marks are ones that are left behind when hardwood is being worked upon by hand. It is common in flooring that is reclaimed from historic or old architectures. These marks tell its own kind of story especially about craftsmanship but they are now replicated by flooring manufacturers. So, generally they are not the original marks made to hardwood at all. However, the look and feel of this replicated hardwood remains similar to the original ones.

Wide-Width Wood Planks

The standard width of wood planks today are of 2-3 inches wide but if you’ve seen architectures that were around in 1800s they are wider about 5-8 inches or perhaps more depending on the type of wood used. There are available wood planks today that are wider than the standard width to give the same authenticity and leisurely look on the flooring. Manufacturers made sure that homeowners could still gain access to the thicker and wider wood planks, which were common in the earlier days.

Distressed Wood Flooring

As with the handscrape hardwood flooring, distressed wood flooring is the replica of what it has been as a trend in the year 1970s. The use of distressed wood flooring emerged again in the early 1990s when reclaimed flooring from old commercial buildings and warehouses were hot in the industry. The flooring used in the architectures built in 1800s and early 1990s were authentically marked by years of wear and tear, which made them look and feel unique and antique. These were made available today when skilled craftsmen have replicated the distinguishing features only available then.

Exotic Hardwood Floors

If we’re talking about authenticity as one of the primary criteria, exotic hardwood floors are understandable in terms of appeal. This is where the art of nature usually presents itself. We often marvel how trees grow in elegance but still retain its elegant function as flooring. If you have specific taste, there is always a look that will suit you best. A lot of manufacturers have found the ways to create similar exotic hardwoods that will appeal to your taste just the same. This way you can enjoy the look and feel of exotic hardwood floors without endangering wood species across the globe.

Harder Finishes

According to NY Times, hardwood flooring is often the part of the home that receives most traffic and admiration which will inevitably take the brunt of the wear and tear and refinishing is just one of the options. Today, manufacturers have taken steps to make harder finishes in their hardwood flooring so that you can admire the looks of wood that’s been finished for toughness so it can withstand the wear and tear over time.

Whatever choice you decide to take, you will find that authenticity will always top your list when making a decision – the rest of the factors will follow such as price, durability and the likes.

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