What Do You Think of Rugs?


When you think of rugs, one of the main images that springs to mind is of a big bear rug in front of a roaring fire, somewhere in the mountains. But, this year, the public image of the rug is set to change drastically as they make their big comeback into society. With rugs set to be the latest big thing, here are a few suggestions to help you get the most out of your rugs.


First of all, one of the most obvious of the uses of the rug is to cover floors. For this purpose there are many varieties of rugs such as, the bedroom rugs. For the hall you have runners, which help to keep your carpet or floor clean from the dirt everyone brings in. Then you have the smaller rugs for the front room, which lay in front of the fire place. These are perfect for curling up on to get the best from the fire and come in a variety of styles and materials. Finally in this category, there are the rugs that cover whole rooms. These are often used instead of carpets as they are easier to clean and change, as well as allowing stunning wooden floors to be shown off around the edges.


A very traditional use of rugs is as wall hangings. England has always been a slightly nippy country and, as far back as the memory stretches, rugs have been used as wall hangings, primarily to keep drafts and winds out of large, drafty rooms. Later, rugs were used to provide a splash of colour on the walls of large rooms as well as depict scenes. In the modern world rugs are often used in the same way, to provide some ‘different’ art work for the walls and to create a cosy feeling in rooms.


This summer lightweight rugs are being put to another purpose. It is a long standing English tradition to brave the cold and have a picnic. This season it is no different and rugs are often being taken with people, firstly to sit upon while eating, but also to wrap up in later on, once the chill of evening sets in.

So, keep an eye out this season and you may find your perception of the rug is changed dramatically.


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  • Wouter
    August 26, 2011

    Where can I buy those funkyk book cases against the wall?

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