Practical and Sleek: Kartell Uses Plastics in Home



Working from their home base in Milan, Italy, Kartell Furniture has been putting out cutting-edge, chic home furnishings since the 1950s. With a chemical engineer and an architect at the helm of the company, their home furnishings blend the best of technology and design into functional, comfortable, and stylish pieces. The company crafts home furnishings, accessories, and lighting from injected mold plastics that allow for fluidity of construction and sleek pieces. You don’t have to travel all the way to their Milan showrooms; Lumens offers Kartell furniture via their online shop at great prices, making it easy and convenient to have great style shipped right to your door.

Modern Meets Retro

Adams Homes explains that as in the case of fashion, home décor styles trends often cycle back to pull inspiration from popular trends of the past. Among some of the most popular revivals of style include the molded plastic furniture of the 1950s and 60s. Curved lines and seamless seating were popular in the time, as were bold colors like turquoise and mint green. These shapes and colors are again in vogue as good choices for accent pieces such as lamps and chairs. Kartell has been crafting molded plastic furniture pieces since the trend started over fifty years ago and they have modernized the look of the retro style by keeping their chairs, tables, and occasional pieces low profile and high style. 
While the retro plastic pieces were trying to look futuristic in the midst of the Space Race between the U.S. and Russia, the goal of contemporary furnishings is to be minimalistic and functional, which typically ends up in well done pieces resembling sculpture rather than just an ordinary chair. Take, for example, the Invisible Table by Kartell: the piece is sturdy and provides ample surface space, but its nearly transparent materials and straight edges leave a low visual impact that is both unobtrusive and elegant. The piece was inspired by Japanese minimalism. 
As Adam points out, color make a huge impact on style. Black and chrome are classically sleek and contemporarily relevant, seen in both indoor and outdoor furnishings. Bold colors are also making a comeback as deep reds, burnt orange, bright greens, and mellow yellows that were popular from the 50s thorugh the 70s are being brought back into play in the form of accent pieces, arm chairs, and lamps. Using bold colors is a chic way to infuse an otherwise practical, neutral furniture suite with a bit of modern flair, trying new trends without changing everything in your room. a new twist on gift Ideas for teens


What do you get for a 12 years old who has everything ? How about art as a gift? My daughter is in that age and I already had enough from getting her or her friends: gift cards, fashion accessories, books or clothes as a gifts. I wanted to find something more creative and inspiring, which is why I was so pleased to stumble upon where one can  find a great selection of art at an affordable price. The art comes with or without frames ( we all know that custom frames are very expensive) and can fit in every room for every age.

Minted’s collection includes gorgeous original works of art, personalized foil-pressed designs, unique photo gifts and even fabrics, all sourced from their global community of independent artists.

I love how Minted curates design genius from all over the world through ongoing design competitions in which the Minted community votes on what to sell. Minted is sharing a portion of every art purchase with the artist who created the piece.

So the next time you find yourself challenged with what to get your teenage child or his friends, give Minted a try, you will be glad you did.


A’Design Awards Call for Submissions 2014-2015



A’Design Award & Competition has announced its Call for Submissions for 2014-2015. This is a prestigious international juried competition which creates a platform for companies, designers, architects and innovators to showcase their works across varied categories while garnering press and publicity to help carry these inventive design concepts forward.

The grand jury panel is comprised of academics, press members, fellow designers and industry experts who cast their votes independently of each other to ensure fairness and equality across the board. Entrants have until February 28, 2015 to register and submit works for the next A’Design Award & Competition.

Design Award categories are varied and plentiful. Some of the most popular include:

Winners of the A’Design Award & Competition receive an extensive PR campaign, press releases and distribution to magazines and blogs, mention in the official newsletter, a winner’s certificate, inclusion in the annual yearbook publication, award trophy, gala-night invitation, feedback notes by jury, options to sell winning designs, inclusion in both designer and world rankings, invitation to prime events, translation into 20+ languages and more!

Deadline for the A’Design Award & Competition is February 25, 2015 so register today!

Winners will be posted and published on April 15, 2015 so stay tuned…

For extra article regarding this Design Award Competition press here.

A’Design Award: World Design Rankings Announcement

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 11.34.58

World Design Rankings has recently announced its Top Ten A’Design Award Winners from across the globe. The United States of America remains at number one, while Turkey and Hong Kong follow closely. Here we’ve gathered a few of the top U.S. award-winning designs for you to enjoy:


WINNER – Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category 2013-2014 Grille Barbecue Restaurant by Yu-Ngok Lo, AIA, LEED AP

Taking a former motorcycle repair shop in northern Macau, the talented Yu-Ngok Lo, AIA, LEED AP transformed the space into a sleek, industrial-vibe barbecue restaurant. Finished concrete walls and flooring contribute to the cool aesthetic, while the natural-toned woods and deep-red seatings adds a definitive warmth for balance.


WINNER – Safety Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment Design Category 2013-2014 Boutique Fire Extinguisher Housing by Cliff Shin

From satisfying an important need in the kitchen to creating an appealing visual for a countertop, the Boutique Fire Extinguisher manages to expertly address the spectrum of this useful kitchen tool. A polycarbonate sleeve houses a small fire extinguisher, while a bursting bouquet delights at it covers the top. By simply pulling the flower ball, a pin is immediately released so this live-saving hardware can be used.


WINNER – Idea Design Category 2013-2014 Maxx Modular Sofa/Bed/Daybed by Despina Souhlas

Modular anything is just downright cool. The Maxx Modular Sofa, Bed and Daybed takes this to the ultimate level. With movable back rests, built-in side tables, hidden mattress topper and even a set of slim vases for decor purposes, this modular sofa made up of low-VOC materials and finishes is ideal for indoor or outdoor use in a plethora of living areas, especially small spaces where maximizing function meshed with form is paramount.

A’Design Award & Competition is an international juried competition which creates a platform for companies, designers, architects and innovators to showcase their works across varied categories while garnering press and publicity to help carry these inventive design concepts forward.

Feeling inspired? Designers still have time to register for the A’Design Award & Competition 2014-2015 which will be announced April 15, 2014.

A’Design Award & Competition Winners: Furniture

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 10.32.25

A’Design Award & Competition is an international juried competition which creates a platform for companies, designers, architects and innovators to showcase their works across varied categories while garnering press and publicity to help carry these inventive design concepts forward.

We at Chic Tip have gathered our ‘Top Ten’ A’Design Award Winners for the Furniture/Decorative Items/Homeware Design category–hope you enjoy these as much we did!:




Butterfly Chair by Eduardo García Campos

A luxurious sculptural chair, the aesthetic is almost ethereal while taking on the appearance of a Monarch butterfly. The Butterfly Chairs, which are manufactured as one homogenous piece, are equally as stunning when placed individually or together, forming the silhouette of the Monarch. Materials include aluminum, plastic, carbon fiber and bronze and colors range the gamut of a rainbow, creating a versatile chair for indoor or outdoor living.

Bethan Gray in Harrods, London

For this year’s London Design Festival, Bethan Gray, winner of the Best British Designer Award 2013, is teaming up with department store, Harrods to open a dedicated pop-up shop. Located in the newly refurbished third floor furniture department, the 33 sq m pop-up space will house exclusive furniture and accessories from Bethan’s own boutique collection, including the newly launching Stud Mirror and Carve Console and Desk.

The shop will feature on Harrods’ London Design Festival ‘Design Trail’, part of the store’s new campaign, Harrods is Design, which runs from 8 September to 5 October 2014.