Designyouedit from Venezia Homedesign


DESIGNYOUEDIT is being offered by Venezia Homedesign. It will be shown at Imm Cologne starting today!  The DESIGNYOUEDIT series is an exciting new concept in furnishing and design. It meshes well with either a home environment or public area, where seating for the purposes of  lounging or gathering is needed.  This is design that can move with you and change with your needs and creativity. I have always been one to enjoy shuffling things around my home to create a fresh look and these products allow me to easily take that that inclination a step further and actually modify not only the placement, but the structure and use. So, Venezia has produced this inheritantly versatile line of products, but then also provided them with the durability to withstand use either indoors or out. This may be every mother’s dream come true. It’ll look great in the living or family room, the kids can rearrange it as needed for play and it may even withstand the grape juice challenge. Now this is a design that speaks to me with both its contemporary aesthetic value and versatility beyond the norm. This is just a little sneak peak, the full range of products is viewable on YouTube if you want to check it out.


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  • Wedo
    January 15, 2013

    this is a very versatile piece of furniture! Thanks for sharing.

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