Fanjo’s Amazing Designs for Modern Children’s Rooms

Ok, so Fanjo, out of Belarus, obviously does not just design children’s rooms, but to me these are rooms that stand out from the rest in the realm of children’s design. I’ve just picked a couple to showcase here, but I am amazed at the creativity of Fanjo. What impresses me is not only the overall design of the room itself, but also the detail paid to each enchanting piece within the room. For the youngest set, I think my favorite is Young Flat (pictured above). This room would easily transition from infant to child, allowing the design elements to endure longer then most others out there. Many aspects will even endure through the tween and teen years. This is fabulously functional kind of design I am looking for as a parent. From the whimsical light fixture to the creative shelving and storage and the not overly girly design, this one is a winner. If you look at the Young Flat design site, you will see that Fanjo really has significant talent for overall modern home design, so don’t miss it. Here I am just focusing on a couple of contemporary children’s rooms.



The MyMi room has a forest theme with so much storage and specialized areas for play, work and sleep. Again, this stunning design would be so easy to transition over the years as your child grows older without having to revamp the entire space.  There really is a place for everything in this room and it is infused with the cheer and creativity that will boost the imagination of any young child. For those of us who reside in urban areas, this design is a particularly wonderful way to bring a bit of nature into your home. There are two wardrobes for storage, a bed, desk, screened dressing area and still room for play. All of these elements blend seamlessly together to create a harmonious and natural space.

So both of these designs are somewhat gender neutral, but certainly more on the feminine side. I have boys and I totally see where a slight change of color palette from the peach and pink to maybe some blues or yellows and a few other minor adjustments would make these wonderful rooms perfect for boys too.  Not only would these rooms provide a creative and relaxing space for children, but also one that will last throughout childhood and beyond with a little tweaking here and there. The designs are modern and streamlined with a calming sense of joyfulness and exploration. What better way to surround your child?  For more information about these room designs and products therein, please contact Fanjo at or click the links provided above. Don’t forget to take a peak at the other great pictures of these rooms below!



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