Good News Coffee Table by Karl Marius Sveen

The  Good news coffee table, designed by Karl Marius Sveen in 2010, certainly strikes a cord with me. It reminds me of going to the library with my family when I was a little girl. My father would read the newspapers, while my sister and I would find our way through the many treasures held by our library.  The newspapers my father read were contained by a shelf constructed in much the same manner as the Good news coffee table. It is a wonder that I have not seen this functional design for so many years. Clearly this is an elegant, contemporary interpretation of the model I am more familiar with, streamlined and updated for a more intimate setting.  I cannot help but be drawn to it. It would be the perfect place to store our unwieldy newspapers and magazines while perhaps enjoying a morning coffee or afternoon tea. Times are certainly changing with computers and tablets now delivering much of the news, but I for one will always appreciate the tactile nature of taking a newspaper, magazine or book in hand to read.

The “flat packed” Good news coffee table is available in a clear lacquered natural oak, black and white stain. It is made of 25 mm oak veneered plywood and assembles quickly using only one screw. (via)

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