Home Shelves by Artem Zigert



With just a glimpse of the work of Artem Zigert of the Mechanical Piano Design collective, the future looks a bit brighter. Home Shelves is just one of the many creative concepts from this gifted designer based in Kazakhstan. This minimalistic design is made from wood and metal. The wooden bases for the shelves come in varying heights and each is topped with a metal structure reminiscent of a home. The prototypes pictured here are made in either black or white, but other color options are also planned. The artful shelves can, in effect, create a home for your precious objects.  Along with the playful creativity imbued in the structures comes their inherent usefulness. The form itself acts as a table as well perhaps, a bookend and would fit well in a variety of home styles. The Home Shelves can contain or create a highlighted space for presentation without inhibiting the view of the displayed objects. Now the only question is, will the Home Shelves outshine their contents?


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