Modern Furniture: Eu/Phoria Chair For Eumenes

Industrial chic Paola Navone’s new Eu/Phoria chair for Italian brand Eumenes uses material borrowed from the car industry. Mix patterns,colors and even the shade of the painted metal legs.

“The Eu/phoria chairs are shells supported by a slender frame. They are part chair and part armchair. They can be adorned with intense colors, in lively Vichy checks or country stripes, in more sober houndstooth, or in supple Alcantara. Changing the fabric changes their appearance completely. They have an industrial spirit and feminine grace, and they are eco-friendly, because the manufacture of the shell uses material left over from woodworking. They are chameleons that can adapt to any surroundings. In the all-black version, they are perfect in any office, they look great in a bar when covered with Chinese material, and there are several cheery and delicate multicolour versions for the home. They are nomadic and imaginative; youthful and revolutionary. ”

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  • Amy Carter
    February 11, 2012

    Beautiful…all of them…There are some gorgeous pieces on your website.

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