Modern Furniture: The Harvest Dining Table By James DeWulf

Merging his advanced formula of fiber reinforced concrete with his talent for design, James DeWulf has created a unique and graceful dining table called the Harvest Table. First shown at ICFF, the new table showcases a round top that is only one inch thick, creating a clean, contemporary look which is an incredible accomplishment for concrete. Put in perspective, the top is nearly nine times thinner than ordinary concrete would have to be to equal it in strength and durability.

The Harvest Table is 30” tall and is 54” in diameter. The top features DeWulf’s proprietary surface which is hand finished and sealed for a smooth buttery feel that is delightful to the touch. It is also available by special order in diameters of 48, 60, and 72 inches. Like all DeWulf’s creations, the Harvest Table is impervious to the elements. This allows it to be used as a stylish and durable outdoor piece or as a tasteful addition to any indoor living space.

The Harvest table top comes in DeWulf’s standard Natural Tone which is mixed throughout the concrete, assuring it will never fade or wear off. Custom colors are available. Supporting the top is a graceful powder coated steel base the design for which was inspired by the harvest symbol. The unique use of corrugated sheet mixed with solid bar is an exercise in the structural properties of metal. “It took 3 prototypes and a lot of head scratching to get this one right.” DeWulf says about the base. “I wanted something that utilized the metal in a beautiful but non-erroneous way; there is nothing unnecessary yet the table isn’t boring”.


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