Modern Furniture : William Sofa by Zanotta

The newly released 1330 William Sofa for Zanotta is too cool for school.  And with current trends, vintage is the new modern; it is the perfect blend in your quest for both.  I feel like Leonardo DiCaprio or Brad Pitt should be sitting along side it in some movie storyline that twists your brain twenty different ways – it’s exactly that cool.  For those of us that are a bit more practical with our aesthetic, it is always enjoyable when modern design doesn’t look stiff, and actually looks incredibly comfortable.

With the elastic strip suspension, and the back and seat cushions done in goose down – you can surely nap it out on this sofa.  Not to mention, the slender profile of both the seat cushions and armrests mean it won’t take over your entire room.  In addition, the polished aluminum alloy feet, steel frame, and removable fabric or leather cover make this modernly pleasing sofa liveable.  The sofa designed by Damian Williamson is also available in a corner sofa or chaise lounge version, and is available on request from the manufacturer.

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  • meaghan
    June 16, 2015


    would love to learn anything I can about that paint. color & treatment on the walls. could you direct me to someone who might be able to help?

    thanks much!


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