Splinter by Nendo for Conde House

Splinter is a minimalist collection created by Japanese designer Nendo for Conde House. It is planned for release this January (2013) in Germany at imm cologne. The design of the series seems to echo the inherent qualities of its material source, the wood. Each piece was splintered or peeled away to create its differentiated parts.  Nendo approached the wood gently with respect for its identity. In keeping the larger pieces of wood as such to use for their strength and utilizing the slender pieces for the more delicate parts, they have created a certain sense of harmony within each piece that reverberates throughout the entire body of work.

My personal favorite is the coat stand, although the side tables run a close second. It is elegant, yet sturdy for the task it will perform. It is independent and somewhat stark in appearance when it stands alone. This appearance will contrast wonderfully with its look when the branches are filled with the belongings of its owner. The Splinter Collection includes a chair, side tables, two mirrors and the ever graceful coat stand. When we go with the grain of nature, clearly there are beautiful creations to be had.


Photos by Yoneo Kawabe

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