The “develop your chair” project by Donati

Donati, an Italian furniture company, now offers this cool custom chair concept that allows you to create the chair you want!

This is a new design system that allows you to create one-of-a-kind seating for your home or office. Starting from the ground up, you can choose from a variety of different base options such as wheels, standard height legs, barstool height, or even bench style. These bases are currently available in wood, white or steel with rotating and non-rotating options. Now for the seat, UNICA uses a decorative cut design that is specifically fabricated for each client. You can choose one of their designs or design your own. Donati offers six predefined colors for the seat, or you can take the opportunity to create your own color option.

Marcello Ziliani is the mastermind behind the UNICA  “develop your chair” project. Donati, through the UNICA project, is able to minimize the standard wait time, while bringing us a cost effective alternative to the standard pre-designed chair.  This is both a wonderful concept and product. Donati also demonstrates their environmental mindfulness by using 100% recycled aluminum, which is always a plus. (picture via)

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