The Sidekick Stool by Mt. Maunganui for Thanks

Thanks is proud to release the ‘Sidekick Stool’, designed by Mt. Maunganui-based furniture designer Timothy John for their retail stores.
The Sidekick is visually light, unimposing and is easily incorporated into any space. The design was inspired by the silhouette of a glass science beaker and the final product resembles a 3D line drawing of its form.
As the contents of an old school beaker were contained with a cork stopper, so too the stool top is made of cork. Cork is a natural product that intrigues the senses. It is warm, smooth, velvety to touch and earthy to smell. It is also is impermeable, buoyant, non-allergenic and fire resistant.
The Sidekick was released on Friday the 23rd of November in limited numbers. It will be available in salt & pepper (black & white colourways) exclusively from Thanks stores and for $399.

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