Arcgency designs a Shipping Container Home – WFH House

New fabulously creative green homes are on the rise. The WFH House (World FLEX Home) is true to course being made from used shipping containers and other sustainable materials. This is one example of the new pre-fab shipping container homes designed by Arcgency, a Copenhagen-based design studio. This particular model is a single family home located in Wuxi, China. Arcgency’s mission statement is, “Resource Conscious Architecture that can be exported to any place in the world. It is more then architecture; It is a sustainable product.”  Clearly this contemporary streamlined home is a prime example of making this mission into reality.  Not only is the structure made from upcycled shipping containers, but it has a sustainable bamboo facade, a green roof, a solar array and a rainwater harvesting system that includes permeable paving. It is a step forward for sustainable design, but with a wonderfully modern scandinavian design.

This particular home is almost 2,000 square feet (exactly 180 square meters) and is quite an inspiring modern design that is also sustainable. It includes an open plan main living space with three bedrooms and an office area plus an open lofted space. The structure is formed from 3 reused shipping containers. One container is stacked on top of another to form the second floor, while the third is parallel with the ground level container. The containers are very well insulated and have a sustainable bamboo clad exterior which is interchangeable and available in different styles. There is a green roof that is optimized for a rain water collecting system. This water is then utilized for washing, cleaning and flushing the toilets. On the Southern exposure, the roof also holds integrated photovoltaic cells that allow the home to be self-sufficient in its power supply on an annual basis. The home actually surpasses the stringent energy requirements for new home construction in Denmark by 50%.

With its minimalist Scandinavian design and colorful accents this interior is a warm and inviting place of respite from the world. It has an abundance of skylights and windows which makes the main living space light and bright with an airy feeling. The living room and kitchen spaces have a high ceiling with beautifully angular and modern lines. Both ends of the home can be opened allowing for the ease of indoor-outdoor living and a strong connection to nature. There are also two bedrooms located on this main level. A stair case leads from the main living area to the second floor which has an open lofted space a bedroom and office. This is only one example of this new design technique, but additional sizes and floor plans are available. Their goal is to make this an affordable and sustainable product that can also serve as a home that will endure the test of time.
Completed By: Arcgency, Esbensen and Teknologisk Institut for World FLEX Home
Architects: Arcgency
Manufactered by worldFLEXhome subsidiary of Nordisk Staal
Structural Engineer: Sloth Møller
Area: 180.0 sqm
Photography by Jens Markus Lindhe
  • roofing quotes online
    March 14, 2013

    Wonderful. The design are really amazing. I love the modern style of this. It is very spacious and the color white adds to the serenity of the house.

  • ramirosteve
    September 17, 2013

    Design of this green home is so amazing and creative. Nowadays, most of person wants to have such type of amazing designed and portable homes for green living.

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