BML “The Best for the Most for the Least”


Robert Quintero and his wife Yin, based in Southern California, are a power couple who are all about fabulous design and ethical processes. They have designed and are now manufacturing a brand new line of architectural modern planters via their new company BML. The artisans who are producing the final product are experienced in their trade, make a living wage on which they are able to support their families and are provided with a safe working environment. The outcome of this combined effort, are these inventive and appealing planters.

The planters are designed to fit a five gallon plant container, so that it is easy to change your plantings with the seasons or at your whim. The appeal of these fabulous planters is not only their beautiful exterior design, but the hidden the drip tray within. For those of you out there who love to have greenery about, but not necessarily the green thumb to coincide your desire, these planters are a perfect fit. The tray holds just enough water to properly hydrate your plants, so there is no guessing about the watering process.

The motto of the company, per sec, is “The Best for the Most for the Least” essentially BML.   This is the plan for the process for their design. They make the best possible product, make it accessible to the largest number of people and utilize the most sustainable and ethical practices available. Now that is both a concept and company that I can get behind.

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