Boutique Hotels Trend: Treehouses by Baumraum

Imagine traveling and staying in a place that feels like a house yet is magically nestled amidst nature—an adult treehouse to be exact! Let the adventure begin with Baumraum, a German architectural firm that envisions and builds these exceptional, eco-friendly and ultra-modern boutique hotels.

Aside from the innovative, contemporary design of these lofted luxury hotels, architect Andreas Wenning places utmost importance on materials and installation. Domestic timber is mainly used, with larch wood being a predominant material for its strength, beauty and sustainability. Finishes vary and can be natural, oiled, waxed, even varnished depending on the design vision. Energy-efficiency is key whether for hot or cold climates, with natural materials such as wood fiberboard, sheep’s-wool or coconut fiber matting being used for insulation.

Each modern cabin is a prefabrication which comes to life in Baumraum’s workshop. Interiors are sheathed in mainly solid woods, yet textiles, metals and synthetic materials are used to add to the beauty, comfort and efficiency of these luxury spaces. Technologies like specialty wiring and lighting allow for ultimate in-cabin entertainment.

Once the cabin is born, installation is achieved taking care not to taint the surrounding eco-environment. By using textile belts and adjustable steel cables versus nails, anchors and bolts, mounting is simplified and there is no residual harm to nature.

To date, Baumraum has completed four modern tree boutique hotels. The Baumgelflϋster in Bad Zwischenahn,Germany, is a compilation of four separate treehouse cabins astonishingly suspended from the surrounding forest. In reality, each 13-meter long cabin features a breathtaking extended terrace under the trees, and relies on 14 erratically-placed steel stilts to perch itself approximately 3.5 meters above the lush ground below. Untreated larch wood is the primary material throughout each cabin which consists of a master bedroom, full bathroom, living area with a kitchenette, as well as two extra beds. Hues are neutral with deep greys, fair blues and mushroom beiges playing soothing backdrop to the forest’s dominant greens. Cozy never looked so luxurious!

Another fascinating German property is the Scout Treehouse located on an Almke campsite. This contemporary cabin was built in collaboration with the local scout organization VCP Wolfsburg and is a designated meeting place for scouts, their organizers and families alike. Again, larch is the primary wood which allows for the strength to sustain these two treehouse cabins plus terraces. The lower cabin sleeps eight, while the upper cabin is outfitted with benches and a small kitchen with oven. While quite rustic, the Scout is equally as inventive.

A stunning modern American tree hotel is the Coldwater near Pensacola,Florida. This mesmerizing habitat beholds eco-beauty in its signature river, Coldwater Creek, where animal life, cotton fields and fresh flowing water are abundant. Designated a vast ecological tourism project, the Coldwater treehouse is the initial prototype of this property. Two cabins co-exist: the larger features the window-walled sleeping area, while the smaller houses the bathroom and a small kitchen. In between sits a Bridge House which initially was built specifically for that purpose. However, the design migrated where this structure now offers units featuring two cabins with living room, bathroom, a mini kitchen and sleeping quarters. This clever contemporary design affords efficiency while in a luxury boutique hotel setting.

The final Baumraum hotel property is the ultimate un-treehouse. Built in Mendoza, Argentina as an extension to wellness hotel, Cielos, “Limited Edition” is spectacular as it sits not atop trees, but over five meters above visions of beautiful vineyards at the base of the breathtakingAndes. The epitome of small luxury, this elliptical “wine loft” cabin with floating terrace stuns with natural sunlight flooding the studio space of a sleeping area and lounge replete with mini-bar cabinet. Blue skies and green vines are a playful juxtaposition to the interior black chandelier and bright red seating of this boutique hotel “pod.”

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