Chair Bookcase Bookcase Chair from Yanko Design

Gail Peter Borden of Borden Partnership designed this amazing dual use, Chair Bookcase Bookcase Chair.  The project began with the idea of developing a dual use product that maximized material efficiency, while using “tectonic systemization.”  For those of us unfamiliar with this technique, it allows for easy assembly and disassembly of the product without tools or instructions. Three connection techniques are used and the pieces only assemble into one configuration. This configuration has three parts, the cockpit, structural frame and shelving system. The cockpit uses a compressive slotted connection, which allows it the flexibility to be used in an upright or reclined position.  Finger connections are used for the structural frame and a pegged system holds the shelves in place.  Made from walnut, birch or CDX plywood and emphasizing sustainable design, the Chair Bookcase Bookcase Chair utilizes approximately 90% of a single plywood sheet that is flat packed for shipping. The chair’s dimensions are based on the classic Le Corbusier LC2 chair.

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