David Rasmussen Furniture Design at NYIGF

The David Rasmussen Furniture Design display was one of my favorites at the New York International Gift Fair. They were featuring their Wud tables, plates and martini glasses in the At Home section of the NYIGF. Their display of contrasting wood products highlighted with vibrant colors immediately caught our attention.  The Danish modern design of the WUD series serves as eye catching, functional table art. The plates are formed from a solid piece of wood and finished with a food-safe oil that will keep them maintenance free for years to come. The collection is available in both walnut and maple with the options for light blue, dark blue, lime green or yellow rims. The martini glasses are so creative and original in their design, they truly stand out amongst all else.

The David Rasmussen Furniture Design Studio is based in Carbondale, Colorado and he is one of the few designers who also continues to handcraft his truly elegant and detailed work. The furniture and other creations that David makes are built to last. Clearly this is a man who is passionate about designing and producing his creations. I really adore David’s Curve A Linear series as well, it blends beautifully with the styling of the Wud Collection. Although it was not  premiered at the NYIGF, I felt the two just belong together, so I have included a few additional pictures.

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