Dimix Bedroom Collection from Gautier



As a mother, I am all about built in storage that can contain my little ones “precious collections of objects” and Gautier certainly has a hit with its Dimix collection. They have combined utility with space saving details and a streamlined contemporary style that will meet the needs of your child for many years to come.  They have just released a new addition to the Dimix collection of compact furniture for kids.

The concept behind the Dimix series is the plan to best utilize the space within a child’s room. It is the perfect sleep and work collection for kids, with built in storage.  There are three different models available in the Dimix series, the Compact High Bed, Compact Low Bed, and the new Bunk Beds. The Compact High includes a desk on runners. The desk nestles underneath the bed and can also serve as secondary storage.  The Compact Low comes with or without the option of a roll out desk on runners. Finally, the new Bunk Beds (which are new for 2013) have the option of a pull out drawer under the lower bunk to store everything away in a neat and tidy place.

The products are all left/right reversible as well, so they can be arranged in the direction that most suits your child’s space. The beds are available with either a grey and white finish or a chocolate and fabric finish. Gautier is also very dedicated to improving indoor air quality. The wood panels they use to construct the Dimix series contain two times less formaldehyde than the top European standards.  All around fantastic design, with the health and safety of your children in mind.


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