Dream Home: Eco Friendly Residence by PLACE Architects

A lot of people often think that sustainable residences are dull and boring. But this Eco Friendly Residence completed by PLACE Architects is an exception to the rule. It is not dull and definitely not boring – in fact it is stylish and elegant in its own way.

It is located in a suburban setting in Seattle, Washington which is a slightly customized prefab residence that demonstrates active ecofriendly design as part of the community. PLACE Architects approached the sustainable design with friendly and approachable nature considering the owners have two children.

The design approach is to maximize every inch of the space available for the home. Therefore, all functional zones have been delineated properly without sacrificing function and style while offering multiple purposes. This allowed the home to be more efficient but constructed with only few materials. This requires less heat and cooling system depending on season.

The great kitchen has stunning cabinetry design and the living room is formaldehyde free. The inspirational residence has a layout that only took nearly seven months for completion. Low maintenance materials dominate the modern architecture and though it is clearly modern – subtle touches of traditional elements can also be found on site.

The materials used in the construction are nontoxic and low volatile. The plumbing fixtures are low-flowing to conserve water. The in-floor radiant heating offers cost-efficient production of heat.

Overall, the implemented house floor plans all follow one concept – sustainability and I find this very impressive and stunning.


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