Fachwerk Table by Vitamin Design

The thing I really appreciate about Vitamin Design is how they so skillfully combine contemporary styling with historical inspiration. A wonderful example of this distinct talent is Table Fachwerk.  The frame is inspired by the timber framed architecture that has been evident in construction techniques throughout history. Table Fachwerk is a contemporary design born out of this conventional construction technique which has been deftly utilized in a new form. It is a perfect example of using time proven “traditional design in a modern way” to create a elegant airy product. The beauty of this product is further undergirded by Vitamin Design’s dedication to sustainable practices. These include not only the utilization of FSC certified lumber, but their use of pure plant oils to treat and protect their artistic work. Not only is this a carefully crafted product, but it is designed and built to last a lifetime and then become an heirloom to pass on for generations to come.

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