Iconoclast Table by IZM


I love the Iconoclast table by IZM. It is a piece with such captivating design ,that would be perfect for opens space living where it can be appreciated for all of its beautiful angles. IZM, founded by Jerad Mack and Shane Pawluk, is based in Edmonton, Canada and produces high quality handcrafted pieces. Their collection of work may appear rustic, but its sophistication is revealed through the cantilevered construction, choice of material thickness and lovely sense of proportionality.

The table is available in four different sizes with a top that is made from a 1.25″ thick solid wood and asymmetrical pedestal legs which are 4.5″ thick. It is available in the stock woods; Smoke Walnut, Walnut, White Oak, and Glacial Maple.  On the indoor air quality front, IZM utilizes zero-VOC oil finishes which they feel not only express the best of the wood, but are durable and make for ease of repair. IZM also offers custom woods, finishes for an up charge.  Iconoclast is a table designed and built, not only to stand the test of time and varying styles, but to grow more beautiful as it ages.




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