Lepel by Luca Nichetto for Casamania


Lepel designed by Luca Nichetto has been named the “Interior Innovation Award – Winner 2013″  by the German Design Council. Lepel will be presented at imm cologne 2013 this January.  The design for Lepel was inspired by the fact that the packaging and shipping of chairs is highly inefficient. There is indeed a large amount of empty space within the container that holds a chair. Lepel, with its unique design, has the ability to be stacked and shipped in separate parts. This aspect, which is integral to the design, results in a huge amount of space savings. The chair has two options for the style of backrest a chair and an armchair.  They are upholstered with fabric and are available in many colors options. Lepel is the word for spoon in Afrikaans. This is the perfect name for a chair that fits a person like a spoon and also disassembles to ship with its parts fitting together like two spoons. Clearly this collaboration between Luca Nichetto and Casamania has resulted in another step forward, toward more environmentally sensitive products. This product design considers production as well as shipping.

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