Lullaby Factory by Studio Weave for Children’s Hospital

The Lullaby Factory is an amazing design project by hackney-based Studio Weave that is near and dear to my heart. In my previous life, I worked in a hospital with ill children, so I can understand first hand the wonderful impactful a project such as the Lullaby Factory has on hospitalized children and their families. There always seem to be those awkward spaces around hospitals where you look out the window into a small dingy courtyard or emergency generator. Well, Studio Weave, along with Structure Workshop, AB3 Workshops and Jessica Curry Studio, capitalized on one of these spaces located in a rear courtyard of London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children and transformed it into a place blossoming with imagination and creativity. This is a secret and beautiful space that can only be viewed from inside the hospital and its song can only be heard through a few special pipes or by tuning into its special radio frequency. It is a place that sparks the imagination and supports the human spirit while bringing comfort to those in need.

The Lullaby Factory is a beautiful story created by Studio Weave that has now been given physical presence and identity that has caused magic to sprout in a once dingy space. The architects of Studio Weave were inspired by the multitude of exposed pipes that were present on the exterior of building. They took them as a starting point and added many additional different types of metal pipes with taps, gauges, metal phonographic style speakers. It is a fantasy landscape where the building next door, which is planned for eventual demolition, has at least temporarily become a factory that makes lullabies for children, which are then piped out through the system on the external walls.

Studio Weave has written a wonderful story of how the Lullaby Factory works. I assume this story is also a part of the shared experience of being hospitalized at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. The touching piece can be found in its complete form on their website. Kudos to Studio Weave, their entire team and the hospital administration of the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. This is an investment in the experience for the patients from which the hospital will not see a monetary gain, but that will be an irreplaceable benefit to their patients.


Sound Artist : Jessica Curry

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