South Paw from Replinger Hossner Osolin Architects

So this dream home by Seattle design firm, Replinger Hossner Osolin Architects (RHO), is a departure from our normally more contemporary aesthetic here at Chictip, but we thought this Green Dream Home dubbed South Paw was still worth our attention. South Paw is a waterfront property located in Seattle where the designers were able to combine modern design elements seamlessly with more traditional ones in the areas of both architecture and interior decor. From the side garden, the home appears as a box with perfect proportions and balance among its window and door placements. It also has a concrete wall along the entry that is actually part of the garage. It creates an auto court and adds a sense of privacy. When you are squarely in front of the home toward the street, you see that what first seemed like a box actually appears as though a side wall has been pulled or slid away from the adjoining walls and then reconnected to the home via glass. The architects refer to this area as the “slot.” With it they take a more traditional appearing residence and add an unexpected structural and modern twist. Another interesting and integral design element of this home is that, unlike traditional waterfront homes, it has been placed perpendicularly to the shoreline. This specific placement allows for maximum solar exposure for both the interior of the home and what appears to be the side garden, but in reality is the primary entry to the home. The garage roof also has been covered with solar panels to capitalized on this design element and provide electricity to the home.

On the interior the blending of modern and traditional elements continues in perfect harmony to create a wonderful eclectic style. The rooms of primary living level maintain an ease of flow and connection through a continuous steel and timber ceiling. The exposed I Beams provide a bit of an industrial feel which is counterbalanced by the antique furnishings and dramatic curtains that are much more traditional in appearance. This theme of blending what might initially strike you as disparate styles is well thought through and the home certainly achieved a cohesive appearance.

The area to the rear of the home, referred to as the “slot”, overlooks the pool on the lakeside of the home. The area is ablaze with brilliant light from the abundance of windows that frame the side wall and skylights. I love the office that is within the “slot.” It has windows in front of the desk and a contemporary bookcase along on wall. It would be the perfect cozy nook in which to work. I also like the modern lighting fixture, it is the sparkling

jewel of the room.



Structural Engineers: PCSA Structural Solutions Interior

Design: Viekman Landscape

Architect: Allworth Nusbaum Mechanical

Engineer: Franklin Engineering

Lighting: Keylight + Shadow

Energy Consultant: Ecotope

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