The Wall House – Singapore by Farm Architects

When two houses are harmoniously fused by way of layered green roofs, you know an architectural masterpiece has just been created. The Wall House in Singapore by Farm Architects is such a place, a modern dream home embracing Chinese tradition.

With virtually 12,000 square feet, this two-story green retreat sits in an urban setting, yet feels none of the hectic pace. Conversely, this zen-like ambiance soothes with lush greenery blanketed upon two separate granite-clad boxes unified via one generous central courtyard entrance. Delicate trees are planted from within the foundation, sprouting up through one of several freeform oculi. These treetops reach beyond the second level of the home sprouting through a cut-out in the shallow rooftop pool. Various other water features stream throughout the meticulously landscaped compound, wrapping the structures in an almost moat-like manner.

With wood, granite and glazing as the predominant materials across the two blocks, various geometric gridwork is also presented and just remarkable. The dimensional stone wall also adds rich texture to these courtyard areas. Precise lighting design enhances these modern elements, attributing an artistic nature to the residence both inside and out.

The flowing layout is conducive to an outdoor-indoor lifestyle, with fully-glazed retractable walls also creating an energy-efficient light source. This home is furnished minimalistically in an earthy palette of brown, beige, white and grey, but the real beauty lies within the unparalleled architecture.

Interestingly, this house possesses an array of living areas and lounges, ideal for family living and entertaining. In the first building, there is actually a basement level which features a wine cellar, while the ground floor spans a living room, library, dining room, kitchen, master suite and guest room. The upper level building is zoned for entertaining.

One particular place I’m drawn to is the core dining/living space. This one area is what adjoins one structure with the other, both literally and symbolically, as this is where the two programs overlap and where family and friend gatherings take place.

The Wall House is a spectacular, modern urban dwelling exhibiting cohesive minimalist design amid a verdant green, sustainable landscape.


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