Bar Design: Ozone (The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong) by Wonderwall

bar design

Discover the Ozone and experience life, energy and beauty of China that will make anyone breathless. Located on the 118th Floor of the world’s tallest hotel in Hong Kong the Ritz-Carlton, the term Ozone says it all.

It comes with an entirely different concept from the glass walled balcony which can trigger vertigo just by looking to the pilot’s seat vistas where you can sit and relax as you enjoy your drink and panoramic view of China.

bar design

This inspirational design features the walls and roof clad with glass which allows you to appreciate its location on the top floor. It has been designed more than just a bar. It makes you feel like you’re in two places at the same time. The bar is full of excitement and anticipation at every turn.

bar design

The bar is themed from “Edenic Experiment” which is a man-made environment filled with spatial and imaginary composition. The interior design of the bar is proportionate and intricate from the motion of line down to the materials and finishing used.

bar design

As you enter the Ozone, you are greeted with neon green low-lit entrance and stretches of refracted seemingly spinning glass walls. It projects a notion of war over one space that resulted to different personas. The elegance of interiors is oozing in every corner. The posh interior swings the mood from maddening to romance with the right proportion of space and time.

As you enjoy their signature cocktails and exotic Asian and Japanese specialties, the layout allows you to fully experience vigor, life and luxury. The ambiance of the bar goes from serene to extremely seductive as the layout crosses the line from cool to conservative.

The modern interior of the main bar and bench seats area features the ivory colored shelf and a range of color waging war against each other. Light bulbs housed in transparent glass spheres light the room just enough in contrast to the colors of the city outside.

The great kitchen still has the glass walls and a small sneak peek inside the kitchen where chefs prepare the food and specialties. The flooring features the disproportionate tiles that complement the white “web-like” structure on the ceiling.

The black DJ Booth looks more like a receptionist area with the transparent glass overlooking the breathtaking China at one corner and a VIP room that looks like a conference room all represents the Ozone.

Overall, Ozone never fails when it comes to interior design. Wonderwall definitely has done it this time.

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  • Vinay
    July 16, 2011

    What a fantastic design.

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