Bella Italia Weine – Stuttgart Germany by Ippolito Fleitz Group

Bella Italia Weine is a charming yet contemporary wine shop and upscale restaurant nestled in a popular urban district of Stuttgart, Germany. The modern retail design was completed by local architectural firm Ippolito Fleitz Group. 

Owned and operated by a Sicilian woman who shares native homestyle Italian recipes, wines and accoutrements with her customers, Bella Italia Weine now resides in a larger space, just under 1,400 square feet. A design priority was to enhance the wine store and restaurant, while retaining the cozy appeal of her original concept.

The space is definitely eclectic, with a plethora of mix-and-match framed mirrors sourced from rummage sales covering the ceiling. Amazing how this installation opens up the volume, creating the illusion of a soaring space! Black chalkboards casually list wine and culinary specials both inside the dining room and outside in front of the restaurant.

Cheery pink and purple painted dining chairs are arranged around the tables covered in crisp white linen, while a large private dining area sits under a random collection of hanging white pendants–all with different shades of globes, orbs, bulbs and beyond.  An etched glass window is opposite a circular wall mirror hanging from a tonal, multi-colored textile of squares.

Large neon yellow circles pop against the light wood flooring, creating a fabulous color-play with the lilac-shaded chairs. Naturally, walls are meticulously lined with wine bottles, upright and cradled, making for such a warm, inviting ambiance.

A series of mod glass entrance doors framed with round-edged rectangles subtly divide the space. Unexpectedly, they portray a somewhat futuristic vibe which actually works well with the more traditional character of the Wilhelminian-style building.

The modern restaurant design of Bella Italia Weines is elegant and handsome, with spirited whimsical touches making this Italian concept in Germany even more unique than it already is.

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