Extra-ordinary holiday stays in Paris

Anyone who has been fortunate enough to visit Paris, would know that a holiday there is always extraordinary. Like all the iconic images we have seen, there is a certain je ne sais quoi that some may call a ‘romantic charm’ when walking around all the major sites and famous districts. Although in saying that, online accommodation provider ‘Wimdu’, have a couple of highlight stays that are sure to give you a holiday in Paris you certainly won’t forget!

Night in a boutique clothing store

Thankfully this is not a horror moment of getting locked in a department store, nor do you have to sleep in the bath seen in the picture above! This cozy boutique composed of garments from independent designers is bound to be any fashionista’s dream.

The cupcake store

If indulging in sweet treats is more your thing, then there is also the chance to stay in a cupcake store in the well-known area of Montmatre. That is if you can resist trying to eat the whole shop!

The ultimate slumber party – Spend the night in a cinema

This old Italian theatre come modern cinema is sure to give guests a run for their money, by providing a real surround sound movie experience, all from the comfort of their bed! Definitely a winner for film enthusiasts and Parisian lovers, as the cinema is conveniently located amongst some of Paris’ top sites including the Arc de Triomphe, Tour Eiffel and the Louvre.

Stay in a recording studio

For music aficionados then then staying in a recording studio is more than a dream room to stay in. Whether or not the owner allows visitors to use their equipment though might need to be confirmed though.

This guest post was written by Katherine Shanahan.


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  • Mistie
    August 28, 2012

    Hhhhhmmmm….don’t know how I feel about that claw footed bathtube in the middle to that boutique. I love the colors at the cupcake shop though. Makes me want a cupcake; )

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