Hospitality Design: Chalet Floralie by Juliette Byrne Ltd

Style, comfort and luxury – these are the words that I can describe Chalet Floralie. At first, I thought I’m looking at a dream home only to find out later that it is actually a guest house. It can accommodate up to 18 guests. The hospitality design is a combination of luxury with adequate dose of charm and comfort. Juliette Byrne Ltd has managed to complete the task using the traditional Alpine ski lodge approach but with the addition of attractive modern styling and awe-inspiring interiors.

The design approach is to create a space that’s warm and taking full advantage of the expansive views of the Alps. Because of the concept developed in this case, roaring fires are incorporated in the design, which created a rustic atmosphere. The recently renovated ski chalet is one of the best hospitality designs known in the French Alps. I like how the designers have come up with the design. It looks warm and definitely inviting – in the same way that I feel about traditional designs.

I love the comfortable and warm dining area – which again makes me feel like I’m at home. With the use of glass windows, the chalet will take in the natural views interiorly so there is adequate connection between the exterior and interior.

Chalet Floralie is located in one of the great Alps – St. Martin de Belleville. If you are to go skiing, this unspoiled Savoyard village is located within Europe’s largest ski area. In fact, it is one of the famous holiday destinations, too. For your convenience, there is no need to make transport arrangements because everything is within walking distance.

Juliette Byrne Ltd has taken full advantage of the unbeatable location and created one of the most jaw-dropping alpine retreats.

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