Hospitality Design: We Hostel by Felipe Hess in São Paulo, Brasil

There are three things that I can say about We Hostel – warm, inviting and cozy. This hospitality design can be found in Sao Paulo, which demonstrates a chic retro style. I never thought anything retro could be so comfortable and inviting to look at until I looked at this hostel. This is designed by Felipe Hess with walls that are painted white.

The interior design converses with any onlooker through the furniture. In other words, it is not the architecture or layout that provides outspoken design for the hostel. It is the furniture that actually makes the design stand out.

Sure, there are highlights such as black and chalkboard paint but these playful details are part and parcel of the design language and not as a separate entity. I stand in awe at these highlights because it gives the hostel its own unique identity – which is in itself appealing and inviting.

The highlights are actually emphasizing the structural elements so even if the design is approached with retro in mind – it still has an undeniable modern touch.

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