Hospitality Design: X2 Kui Buri Resort by DBALP

The X2 Kui Buri Resort is like a dream home coming true and a place of relaxation in one. The modern resort was designed and completed by the modern architects at DBALP. The modern architecture is located specifically at Muang District of Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand.

It looks extremely relaxing – won’t you agree? But setting the looks aside, the structure also evokes a welcoming feeling like you wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. I love how the designers rendered the great kitchen. It is modern yet it offers significant warmth ideal for vacationers.

The architecture is located on a pristine beach specifically in the Gulf of Thailand. The contemporary resort features 23 semi-villas that are equipped with their own pools, gardens and of course terraces. I’d definitely love to be in one of these semi-villas. Wood is the primary element in the fixtures within the resort.

Exteriorly, I love how the resort looked modern yet on the insides the warmth feels like one of the classics. The resort is very accommodating – a perfect place for people who want to break away and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The design also had a touch of traditional Thailand style especially in the interiors of the villas. The 23 semi-villas all had an air of privacy and intimacy and it just keeps getting better.

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