Hotel Design: Café Royal Hotel in London by David Chipperfield Architects

If you want a hotel design that is a physical manifestation of the perfect marriage between the 21st Century style and the retention of grand historic public rooms in the year 1860s and 1920s then you should be looking at Café Royal Hotel. This beautiful hotel has been completed and designed by David Chipperfield Architects – the world renowned architectural firm specializing in radical and sympathetic building design.

The design was also in collaboration with the HBA or the Historic Building Architects.

The hotel interiors evoke a sense of serenity and peacefulness because despite the modern style and the addition of refined simplicity of classic the hotel is still a sight to remember. The materials dominating on this project is copper and stone.

The boutique hotel features 159 guest rooms and suites as well as the six historic suites reminiscing the Café Royal Hotel’s past, distinctive and assured. So, in my opinion these are still harmonious ways of bonding together with friends. Overall, the effect of Café Royal Hotel is one that makes you appreciate the beauty of both worlds.

David Chipperfield Architects is a firm that designs museums, galleries, hotels, residential and store spaces.

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