Hotel Design: Eden Hotel by Antonio Citterio, Patricia Viel and Partners

Luxurious yet heartwarming at the same time – this is the description I can think of when I looked at the Eden Hotel which was designed by Antonio Citterio, Patricia Viel and Partners. This hotel has been the firm’s first ever mountain hotel they designed and to give them credit – I am truly impressed.

Bormio, which is the capital of Valtellina, is the specific location of the hotel. The design challenges include creating and developing a concept of a hotel design that would complement or perfectly suit the panoramic view of the Italian Alps. The design, however, deviated from what you would expect in a mountain-settled hotel. It has an atmosphere of the ambitiously modern sensibility with some subtle touches of classic throughout.

Architecturally, it has four tall, narrow buildings that are smoothly connected through the transparent catwalks. The buildings are clad in grey larch wood, which creates a sense of camouflaging with its surroundings. It also features the huge glass panels that take advantage of the expansive mountain views while allowing it to become part of the interiors.

Access to the hotel is provided for by an underground car park and the upper-level pedestrian adjacent to the ski slopes. The beautiful hotel was designed with sustainability in mind. The glass panels allow for natural light and warmth to seep into the hotel and the same is true with the super-insulating packages maximizing heat exchange.

The hotel interior design is characterized by the warm earth color schemes as well as the natural elements including leather and wood. I find the fireplace really comforting and relaxing, which is appropriate in receiving and welcoming guests and visitors. This is a great place to stay at when going away from home. The general atmosphere for this boutique hotel is one with refinement and purity. This actively describes the tasteful, cozy Italian mountain villa.

This hotel is really stylish and sustainable all at the same time.

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