Hotel Design: Ett Hem Hotel by Studioilse

A century-old house in Stockholm was transformed into a boutique hotel called Ett Hem Hotel clad in rich colored wood, velvet and leather.

Studioilse was tasked to make this transformation possible.

The building was first constructed in 1910 and was previously a residence of a government official and his wife. Together, they gave the architecture its original arts and craft style along with the decorative ceilings and timber-paneled walls.

The renovation was done including the series of communal areas where guests can relax with each other’s company. These public domains surround the kitchen that houses the large dining tables and various seating areas – a true masterpiece if you’ll ask me.

The entirety of this hotel design is like staying in a very large mansion with a very large collection of books. There is also a library with huge bookshelves extending into the ceiling in addition to the glazed conservatory where the guests can stay for their meals.

According to the design firm, the concept followed was to create a space that is comfortable as a house and can enjoy the place as if it was your friend’s house. The kitchen is also designed that allows you to take your drink and relax at the sitting room, pick up a favorite book in the library and complete the experience by snuggling down at the fireplace.

The beautiful hotel is a place for people who travel and required their accommodations to bring happiness and relaxation that they wouldn’t want to stay somewhere else. The hotel has one duplex suite, five double bedrooms and six guest suites offering a mixture of vintage and modern design elements with the furniture pieces including the brass cocktail cabinet.

The amazing hotel has art and photography decorating the walls on all rooms and even the custom-designed pieces by Crawford are also included in the hotel. (via)

Photography is by Magnus Mårding.

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