Hotel Design: Hotel ICON by Rocco Design Architects Ltd and CL3 Architects Ltd

On April 2011, a stunning hotel design was completed under the expertise and collaboration of Rocco Design Architects Ltd and CL3 Architects Ltd. The boutique hotel is located at Science Museum Road in Tsim Sha Tsui East, Hong Kong. The Hotel ICON – as the name implies – is an icon for the globally accepted and renowned center for education, excellence and research for hospitality and tourism industry along with SHTM.

The collaboration of Rocco Design Architects, CL3 Architects Ltd and some alumni from Polytechnic University, has resulted in this unique hospitality design, supporting the future generation as well.

The hotel interiors are the physical demonstration of the creativity and ingenuity of Hong Kong designers. The local architects and designers have created a concept that reveals the extent of their expertise and talent. In all honesty, apart from the obvious ingenuity of design, I can say that this is an ideal homes away from home. It is a place where you can relax and just forget life’s challenges temporarily and just enjoy what you can. The design also represents the cultural aspect of the city, which to my understanding is very important in making it a genuine Hong Kong landmark.

The Hotel ICON demonstrates a very unique hotel interior design but with a strong architectural sense. I cannot help but notice its elegance at first glance but more importantly its design is clean and uncluttered along with other characteristics that reflect Hong Kong in its very essence – creative, energetic, vibrant art scene and the combination of the Hong Kong dynamics with the culture of the west.

I like how the architects hotel design took advantage of the harbor location. The all-glass exterior invites natural light inside while allowing guests to enjoy the relaxing views of Victoria Harbor. This is a key aspect of the project and my favorite as well. The philosophy of Yin Yang was explored in this project, which is apparent in the circular themes and motifs allowing the hotel interior to have some sense of space and synchronicity. Modern elegance and fluidity is represented by the twirling staircase as well as the circular seating.

The beautiful hotel is the resulting combination of modern trends and traditional elements allowing flexibility on either side of the scale. I also find the vertical garden within its interior breathtaking and jaw-dropping. I think what makes this project stand out as compared to other hotels is the fact that it has an educational mission – not just for the sake of interior design and architecture. This mission is the reason why Hotel ICON is not just for guests and travelers but for students as well.

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