Hotel Design: Hotel Madera Signature Suites by Lagranja

Lagranja Design Studio created and completed this amazing hotel design – the Hotel Madera Signature Suites. The hospitality design that was finished is within the newly built hotel in Kowloon, Hong Kong. I must say that it has a 5-star quality – definitely and it is located in a place where the highest population density can be found.

The Hotel Madera is a Spanish name and the boutique hotel offers comfort, convenience and style and leaves you little room for doubt. It has hotel interior design that reflects an oasis of Mediterranean warmth and calmness. It is located 60 meters away from the busy street.

The beautiful hotel has a total of nine suites, each with unique design and undoubtedly from Lagranja. The design details are exclusive to this project, and cannot be seen anywhere else. The fixtures, including the nightstands, are very unique and smartly chosen. The walls are clad with big lamps and the gym is both ironic and funny.

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