Hotel Design: Wiesergut Boutique Hotel by Gogl Architekten

This hotel design reminds me of “White Christmas” – the Wiesergut Boutique Hotel that was designed and completed by Gogl Architekten. This is a beautiful boutique hotel that is owned and administrated by Josef and Martina Kroll. It is located in Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Austria. The property can be traced back to the 14th century and Gogl Architekten has transformed it into a beautiful hotel – a modern retreat oozing with organic comfort and warmth.

Along Saalbach-Hinterglemm, time seemed to freeze – this place is just an hour travel from Salzburg where you can see a series of traditional homes and hotels within the rolling landscape of this intimately tucked alpine town. This is the reason why it reminds me of classic “White Christmas.” It is situated directly by the ski slopes and enclosed by the age-old mountains.

This white four-story house stands out among the group of minimalistic and modern buildings constructed with floor to ceiling windows that I find very impressive and alluring.

This is the kind of design hotel must have so that vacation and being away from home will ease your worries and relax your thoughts as you give in to the lure of this homey hospitality design. Basically, this is like a quiet sanctuary of nature, fresh air and natural light.

While local traditions remain, both new and familiar forms at Wiesergut continue to flourish. The property has been in the hands of Sepp’s family since the 1350s and has been theirs for generations. It was previously a small-scale farm but it became a guest house two generations ago.

In the kitchen of this boutique hotel, the chefs have successfully combined Austrian classics with the experimental delights filled with fresh herbs and spices grown from the herb garden within the Wiesergut’s high-end kitchen. Homespun luxury is revealed on all corners of this hotel where 17 manor suites and 7 garden suites are found.

The furnishings found are by Austrian designers who were tasked exclusively to fill Wiesergut Boutique Hotel with beautiful pieces from hand-blown glass chandeliers to steel door handles. The design of this hotel is an authentic marriage of age-old tradition to modern ingenuity that allowed the owners to offer hospitality like never before. (Via)

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