Modern Restaurant Design: Beijing Noodle No. 9 by Design Spirits

Who needs an aquarium? You can have all the beauty of pretty fish while eating at Caesar’s Palace new Chinese restaurant- Beijing Noodle No. 9. Design Spirits created a magical, modern space for this yummy restaurant- with a beautiful goal in mind, creating a space, “gently covered in light though a silk-like skin.” This interior is certainly something to be marveled at-with sparkling aquarium tanks, elegant layered patterns on a double-wall design, glossy finishes and just that extra amount of “glow” that makes the restaurant stand out from any other.

With patterns from floor to ceiling, fish tank, to dining room table- and ambient, warm lighting the entire restaurant takes you away from the bustling casino atmosphere into a tranquil cocoon of serenity. By placing LED indirect lights between the layers of patterns, the arabesque patterned shadows are appeared on the tables, floor, and kitchen appliances to accomplish a cohesive design throughout the space. As if Caesar’s wasn’t already luring me in with their rows of designers shops and pretty sculptures, I have one more reason to visit.


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