Restaurant Design: D-Style by OpenAD

If there is something that I would find really amazing, it is this new restaurant design by OpenAD – the D-Style restaurant. It is specifically located in Riga, Latvia. The project is a combination of two functions namely – day restaurant and night club. The hospitality design involved good planning so the space can achieve dual functionality.

I have noticed the glass walls down the hall-1 on the radio studio. The studio looked like a place where people are interviewed and transmitted via radio translations. At daytime, a curtain separates the studio and special office of the owner within. The room had eccentric couch where people are interviewed and there is also a radio-control counter. Personally, I think I have never seen such eccentricity in my life. The entire space has nothing ordinary – in fact I don’t believe I am looking at a day-restaurant/night-club combo. I feel like I’m looking at a work of art – a sculptural work in particular.

There is also a panel wall at the opposing side of the entrance. The materials utilized were recycled and various wastes from carpenters. This made the beautiful restaurant eco-friendly.

There is also a space for the ladies where they can refresh their make ups and gather around but this room is a separate space from the toilets. Close to the entrance and radio studio, there are comfortable metal chairs matching the tables that are all made in Latvia.

Mr. D is the focal point of design – or the main character to be exact. Mr. D comes from Dionysus – who is the god of grape harvest, wine and winemaking and of ritual ecstasy and madness in the Greek mythology. He is placed hanging on the ceiling as a sculpture and welcomes the guests from the top. This may be the reason why I am looking at the entire space like a sculpture.

At the rear end of the restaurant, you can find the toilets which are beyond just simple and ordinary toilets. The 4 egg-like structures are located within making it very interesting. To continue with the casual chatter from the ladies’ room, there are no definite boundaries from the other room – demonstrating the relationships between spaces. The wash bins are also exposed outside of the toilets.

The designers attempted to create restaurant interiors with the use of simple materials such as wastes from constructions and carpenters so the materials illustrate – “second life.” The amazing restaurant is about recycling of materials and eco-friendliness.

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