Restaurant Design: First Duvel Café, Duvelorium by Puresang

This restaurant design is reminiscent of the medieval times or a life sized artwork. This is the First Duvel Café, which is otherwise known as the Duvelorium designed and completed by Puresang – an Antwerp-based design firm.

I honestly believe their concept is based on skilled craftsmanship and tradition, which resulted to the harmonious marriage of modern and traditional design elements. According to a representative of the design firm, Will Erens, Duvel is a modernly artistic brand identity with traditionally crafty design.

The beautiful restaurant definitely has the Duvel-feeling brought about by the restaurant interiors through the smart choice of traditional materials used in a contemporary and innovative way. As a result, the design created a space that is oozing with cozy warmth through its “old café” elements but also with a careful modern touch.

To make sure that the place is not too old fashioned, the designers made full use of the brick wall that signifies the old brewery wall and using loam – which is an old building material in history – this created a sense of calmness and warmth within the restaurant.

The amazing restaurant made use of limestone, Flemish oak, copper, brick and leather to complete its form and shape as well as the warm and calming yet authentic and modern atmosphere.


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