Seven4One: A Hotel in Laguna Beach by Horst Architects

Nestled into the upscale, oceanside enclave of Laguna Beach, Seven4One is a chic boutique hotel boasting 12 rooms, two suites and endless views of the Pacific. The redesign and renovation was completed by Horst Architects, a neighboring firm. This contemporary property sits right along South Coast Highway and embraces the sun, sea and sand–plus vibrant greenery–quintessential to its Southern California environment.

Built with sustainability in mind, the hotel’s exterior consists of reclaimed wood (from old buildings in East Los Angeles) in a hue reminiscent of weathered drift wood, as well as Corten steel which lends a warm, rust patina to the otherwise modern structure. Simply exquisite, though, is the two-story living green wall which faces the street as well as the main interior courtyard. Brimming with various species of greenery, this wall is an organized art work lending soft texture and dimension to the facade.

Interestingly, Seven4One caters exclusively to groups celebrating weddings, birthdays, family retreats and the like, and is especially reserved as a vacation rental, which the hotel considers itself. Once inside the stunning inner courtyard, one can see why this is a perfect place to hold a memorable event.

Open to the sky and California’s abundant sunshine, this entertaining space rests just on the other side of the hotel’s exterior and features a floor of rustic slate tiles. Tucked into the shared wall of reclaimed wood and lush greens is a geometric Cortez steel fireplace, adorned with a minimalist bench, modular sofas and outdoor lounging beds for guests to enjoy. Fine-metal screen curtains gracefully drop into this space from the second-story hallway above. Dotted with soft pillows and sleek accessories in a sea of cobalt, teal and turquoise, this courtyard is decisively evocative of the ocean. I’m smitten!

Guest rooms are modest with clean lines and a soothing color palette of grey, white and blue. Second-level balconies feature glazed railings, ensuring both the courtyard and ocean views are fully appreciated.

Seven4One is a unique boutique hotel sharing Laguna Beach’s organic beauty, while possessing urban appeal with an elegant, beachy vibe.

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