Store Design : Spinning Objects by Torafu

Torafu’s renovation project for a hotel fixtures showroom makes its visitors rethink the basic principles of showroom display. The space is designed to withstand the changing demands of fluctuating inventory with a kind of flexible boldness, and everything is intentionally designed to resist monotony.

From the start, Torafu expected that display objects in the space would only increase in number.  They also faced the challenge of keeping a space interesting despite the fact that there might be multiple copies of the same item on display at any given time.

Meeting the two aforementioned challenges head on, they proposed an unconventional means for display.  Everything would spin around like a dancer or potter’s wheel in motion.  With that, Spinning Objects was born.

Every item in the showroom’s lineup presents a different perspective with each passing second, giving life and body to everything inside.  A distorting mirror on the wall and reflective ceilings project the image of the object back again on the viewer, inducing an effect that makes the object feel like it melts into its surroundings. Torafu has revolutionized display, and the effect is an experience not to be missed.

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