Color of 2013 : Emerald Green

I can’t think of a better way to start the new year here at ChicTip then with the Pantone color of 2013, Emerald!  Personally I love green, all versions of green. So I am thrilled that it has hit the fashion and design spotlight for this upcoming year. The color Emerald, namesake of the emerald stone, is often defined as a tone in the green family that is particularly bright and light with a faint blue cast.

I wanted to take a brief look at some of the social connotations associated with the color that Pantone has named as the most important of 2013.  Emerald, generalized to green, is the color of the US currency, symbolizes not only nature itself, but the environmental movement and green is the color most frequently seen in the color spectrum. References to emeralds appear cross culturally and throughout history in writings, myths, films and beyond. Some popular references can be found from the Emerald City in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz to the name Emerald Isle, the poetic homage to the rolling green hills of Ireland.

Pantone chose Emerald with through care and investigation of the color trends that appear in areas as diverse as the entertainment industry, traveling art collections, socio-economic conditions, rising new artists, films, and other influences from technological advancements to sporting events. The emerald stone itself is a brilliant, clear, green precious gemstone that is noted for its significance in many cultures as a symbol of beauty, growth and prosperity, healing, unity and new life.  Perhaps as a country the United States, or even the world, will usher in this color and its symbolism into our lives as we step into 2013.

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