Dressing Up Your Party

You’ve worked hard to make your home your own. You’ve created your personal space. You’ve spent weeks perusing websites and visiting shops and trying to find the best deals to get the look you want. Now you’re ready to show off that home.

The trick to giving a good housewarming party is to make your home look as good as possible. Obviously you’ve got everything cleaned and arranged (and possibly rearranged several times over). Still, there are a few things you can do to giving your space an extra “spruce.” After all, you would decorate for any other type of party, right? Why not go the extra mile for your housewarming?


Don’t just make do with the lights you will be using in your home every day. Add some commercial string lights to create a more festive look. You can choose whatever look you want. You can choose decorative lanterns or just go with simple “twinkle” lights.

If you have a yard or balcony you’ll want to make sure the lighting in these spaces is festive as well.


Because you’re trying to show off your home, you’ll want to keep the extra decorations to a minimum. This isn’t a holiday party where the holiday can dictate a theme. In this instance, you want your home to stand out. The best decorations are those that blend in with the rest of the party—a centerpiece for the table. Special linens (tablecloth, napkins, placemats, etc) are another good way to add decorations to your party without taking away from the work you’ve done on the space itself.

Food and Serving

Food-wise, you have to decide if you want a sit down dinner or something less formal. If the guest list is small, a sit down dinner is a great focal point for the evening. It also gives you a chance to show off your cooking skills if you have them or your ordering skills if you don’t. If you really want to have homemade food but aren’t sure if you’re up for all of the work involved, offer to make the “main course” or the focal point of the meal and then ask each guest to make his or her favorite side dish to bring and share. This way you’ll have enough food and won’t have to worry about quite as much clean up to do.

If you do have a sit down dinner, use your own dishes—especially if, when you moved in, you bought a new set (or two). This shows off your taste in house wares as well as creating a nice looking space. It’s often tempting to stick with paper cups and plates to cut down on the amount of work required for the cleanup. In this situation, though, using real dishes and glasses and cutlery adds elegance to the evening (and requires people to be more careful so you won’t have as much worrying about people spilling).

Above all else, don’t forget to have fun! You worked hard to build this space—it’s important that you enjoy the process of showing it off!




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