Inspiration: Accessorizing Your Kid’s Bedroom

A cool and beautiful bedroom is what every child dreams of.  A place where a kid can daydream, imagine and pretend, play and study. His or her own place should be bright, nice and happy. This special room should be able to serve as a relaxing sleeping area, a study room and sometimes even a playroom. So when it is time to design and decorate your kids room you might want to consider the ideas listed here:

Kid’s Preference

Kids have their own preferences and opinions whether you like it or not especially when they are older. You have to accommodate what they want for their room as much as you can. A 12-year-old girl, for instance, may tell you to get rid off the dolls; a 7-year-old boy may want his toy cars lined up on a bookshelf.

Improve Storage Capacity

Kids often collect their toys in their bedrooms and it tends to accumulate until storage spaces have been filled. Improving the storage capacity of their bedroom will minimize the clutter. For instance, they have collected Brio trains from the WoodenToyShop – they would want to preserve these as much as possible. Add storage for treasures such as action figures, model planes, dolls and stuffed toys. Hang a shelf above a window or a closet door for seldom-used items; other options are bookshelves or wire shelving for closets.

Display Bulletin

Part of the kid’s bedroom accessory is a display bulletin showcasing their artwork and souvenirs. This serves a double purpose – accessorizing and organizing the contents of the room.

Coordinate the Looks

Buy them bedspread and pillows that match with the window treatment to give it more coordinated appeal.

Avoid Trendy Themes

It is better if you avoid trendy themes such as the most popular movie character for their bedspread, wallpaper or curtain unless your kid has expressed their preference for them. These trendy themes will usually become outdated, which is expensive to replace.

Provide Good Lighting

Add lamps to areas near reading chairs, desks and beside the bedside. Look for lamps in fun colors that match the room’s décor, or that have removable and replaceable shades that can be changed out as the children grow.

Add Filament Line

Hang lightweight, fragile items such as model planes and kit dinosaurs from filament line attached to a ceiling-mounted cup hook. This keeps the items out of harm’s way but within view.

Picture Frame

Add a picture frame with your kid’s photo so that it builds their self-esteem.


Hang a mirror above a dresser or desk to both help your children learn to coordinate their looks in the morning and to help visually enlarge and open the room.

Update the look of your child’s furniture.

An affordable way of freshening up the look of your child’s room is to change the knobs on her dresser drawers with themed knobs. You can then tie the new theme throughout the room and get matching rugs and wall treatments every few years for a relatively inexpensive redesign.

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