Inspiration: Ideas to Add a Pop Color to Your Room

One of the most personal elements in interior design is color, which can quickly reveal an aspect of preference or character of a person. Probably the easiest way to bring color to any living space is with paint but there are ways to do this even if you’re not allowed to paint. It includes the following ideas –

Colorful Rugs

A great way to start adding pop colors to your room is to buy contemporary rugs. A large colorful rug is better than small rugs scattered because it minimizes cluttering. When placed at the center of the room – for example in the living room – it tends to pull out the colors from the wallpapers and curtains.

Hanging Curtains

Hanging colorful curtains on the windows is another way to brighten up the room without using paint. It is ideal that you use solid-colored curtains instead of printed ones. All curtains should have the same color all throughout and make sure you buy the longest draperies available.

Art Pieces

Wall art pieces are great addition to any room as it can highlight even the dullest living space. You can either buy them or create them as you please but make sure you choose the right complementing colors especially if you’ve already decided on the main theme.

Throw in the Pillows and Slipcovers

Dark rooms will benefit more from pillows and slipcovers because they tend to lighten up the space. There is a wide range of designs that you can choose from but if you want season-colored pillows and slipcovers you may do so since colors often represent the season.

Highlight with Flowers

Nothing is more beautiful than using the natural highlights of flowers. If you know how to arrange flowers, you may do so by grouping your favorite flowers together and putting them in the vase. This can be used as center table pieces but make sure you dispose and replace them regularly.

Adding the Lights

Colored lights are available nowadays and it is a very simple solution to give color to any room. It can be in the form of lamps or pendants but incandescent lights are also great to add warmth and accent to the room.


To bring pop colors that will highlight any room, you can easily accessorize – which could offer playful and fun effect. Don’t be afraid to experiment – after all bookshelves are not just designed exclusively for book display.

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