10 Tech Gadgets to Turn Your Bathroom into an iBathroom

Modern bathrooms are slowly but surely transforming into rooms that offer much more than just a place to bathe. Tech gadgets are turning up more and more in new bathroom designs, and understandably so given our high tech world that is constantly ‘on’. Here are ten tech gadgets to turn your bathroom into an ibathroom.

1. Tech Toilet

Manufacturers of bathroomware are beginning to offer toilets with integrated technology for playing music, heating the seats and even automatic lids. Add a high tech toilet to your bathroom today for your total toileting pleasure!

2. TV Mirror

Transform your bathroom mirror into an LCD TV with a touch of a button, remote control button that is. That’s right, nowadays it’s easy to go from practical mirror to news bulletin with a touch of a button.

3. Terrific Taps

Install a smart tap into your bathroom and enjoy accessing all kinds of handy information via the touchscreen, such as the daily weather forecast, news and emails to name but a few. How about face recognition technology that delivers your water temperature just the way you like it automatically every time – now a reality in today’s faucetry.

4. Wireless Scales

Keeping track of how much you weigh has never been easier thanks to clever scales that offer wi-fi technology to send your data to the internet. In addition, measure your body mass index and analyse your progress over time with an iPhone app or your favourite web browser.

5. Perfect Bath

Select taps that will automatically fill your bath to exactly where you want it as well as deliver your chosen water temperature. Best of all, these clever taps can remember yours and several others’ settings to make bathing stress free every time.

6. Tech Showers

Thanks to digital shower solutions now offered by bathroom supplies stores, it’s possible for you and your family to each set your perfect shower and have it recalled each time you step into the shower. The perfect shower every time – what more can you ask for than that.

7. Spectacular Lights

Whether it’s your bath or frame-less glass shower enclosure, nowadays you can enjoy the wonderful technology and soothing experience of coloured lights whilst bathing. From simple colour choices right through to your own personal light show, it’s all now available for you to install in your home.

8. Waterproof and Wireless

Take in the relaxing sounds of your favourite music whilst immersing in your bath with the latest wireless headset that is also waterproof.

9. TV Tub

Designers are brining TV to your bathroom in a number of ways including integrating a television set right into the shape and mould of bathtubs. Lay back and relax whilst taking in your favourite tv shows right at the foot of your bath.

10. Toilet Roll Dock

Yes, you really can get an iPod dock that doubles as a toilet roll holder and why not? After all, why not be listening to your favourite tunes whilst using the rest room.



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  • Danny
    August 16, 2012

    Superb post. Lovely pics. I wish I could have this type of bathroom

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